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Earn the educational requirements in favor of more career-focused courses and prepare to study abroad in several French campuses through the Eticca 2-year transferable program.

A two-year intensive program at ETICCA to help high school graduates better consider the different degree options available and make the right choice.
A third year of career-focused courses in several French businesses schools to choose from to obtain a degree accredited by the French Training department
10 field of study to choose from in French or in the English language.

Prépa Business School is a 2 year transferable program to earn the educational requirement for a 3 or 4 year degree programs. The next two years are spent studying for the major in the French campus of your choice to graduate with a degree accredited by the French training department
Available in the ETICCA campus in Dakar, this program is designed for students planning on transferring to 3 and 4 years business schools’ degree programs in France. Thus several fields of studies are available to choose from: Business, management, communication, accounting, finance, human resources, tourism, environment and agribusiness.
A bachelor degree or a master is delivered by the chosen business school after the completion of both the academic-focused and career-focused courses.

Computer skills
Business English




Some of these general education requirements include studies in:
Communication                                              Accounting
Geopolitics                                                     Economy
Computer skills                                              Negotiation
Business English                                            Marketing